Frank Kaerger

Born on 4.2.1967 in Weimar I was pulled at the tender age of three years in the Spreewald. Since I now lived and developed me magnificently despite power plant air.

The urge to measure myself athletic, had developed early and so I regularly took part in athletics competitions. My specialty was the sprint discipline . Whether 60 or 100 meters - I had to be faster than the others and so I held for several years the school records. At the end of the school , armed with 10 kg dumbbells, an expander and the book " Modern strength training " I discovered my talent for weight training , specifically the " Kulturistik " as it was called then .

So I looked at the pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and dreamed of such a body. With the knowledge of the book , which I devoured formally , a comic protein powder called ME60 , which did not dissolve even after hours of mixing and a malted substance from the tube , the taste is still burning on my tongue today , I was ready.

It took 20 years , where I trained every day , sweating and everything was to come a little closer to my idol . Sure, I realized that I had for several years at the limit of the performance , but I could not help it. So probably chose a coincidence when visiting my aunt in Weimar, the further development .

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